Simply put: no more bailouts. Failure is just as much a part of our free market system as success. In fact, business failures are often the genesis of tremendous innovation and improvement.

Even worse, these bailouts have only served to enrich those with strong political connections. Ownership of GM was stolen from private bondholders – in many cases individuals and retirement funds – and given to unions. The Wall Street bailouts rewarded those who were “too big too fail” … and big enough to have considerable pull in Washington. Smaller, regional and local banks which had managed their assets wisely, but didn’t have the same influence, ended up with more regulation, higher taxes, and lost opportunities.

Cap-and-Trade Energy independence, green technology, and innovation is something we should pursue as a nation. However, we shouldn’t seek to accomplish that by taxing people based on questionable science. Neither should we ignore domestic energy resources – coal, natural gas, oil – because of baseless claims regarding global warming.

I believe that making it easier to drill for and use domestic resources, build nuclear power plants, and develop new technologies is the best formula for ending the current energy regime, which essentially has us empowering governments and groups that are markedly anti-American.