Get Involved

Mick Mulvaney: Get Involved from Mick Mulvaney on Vimeo.

SEVEN WAYS TO HELP MICK – Mulvaney for Congress

1.CONTRIBUTE TO THE CAMPAIGN!  Any amount will help: $24, $240, or $2400. Click here to learn how to contribute.

2. HOST AN EVENT. These aren’t formal fundraisers, but they are ways for Mick to meet as many new folks as he can. The typical event would involve you invite 10-20 of your friends to come meet Mick at your home for an hour or so. We count on you to provide the people, but we can handle most everything else. Click here to get more information.

3.GET ON THE TEAM. We are putting together teams in every County that will hit the streets knocking on doors, making phone calls, delivering fliers, and manning the polls. This is a great way to help out, especially if you aren’t in a position to help financially. Click here to find out who the team leader is in your area and join the grassroots team!

4.SPREAD THE WORD. People don’t trust most politicians (and with the way most politicians have behaved for the last decade or so, who can blame them?) But they do trust their friends. Folks are much more likely to support Mick if they know one or more of their friends are also on board. Click here to sign up as a supporter or better yet send an eCard to ten of your friends to help us spread the word.

5.SIGNS, SIGNS, SIGNS. If you own a farm, commercial piece of property, or other large tract, we’d love to place a large (4’x8’) sign on your property. Of course, yard signs are great, too. Click here to have signs delivered to your home or erected on your property.

6. WRITE A LETTER-TO-THE-EDITOR. You have no idea how powerful these can be. There are no rules on how to do this. If you saw or read or heard something about Mick that you thought was noteworthy, feel free to write it down and send it to your local papers. Letters should be less than 350 words (which isn’t very long at all).

7.BUMPER STICKERS. Display a bumper sticker on your car and get your friends and family to do the same. Click here to have bumper stickers mailed directly to you.