Charting the Obamacare Regulations

The health care bill is saddled with massive amounts of mandates and regulations that will make it extremely difficult for businesses to stay above water, much less grow. Below is a chart constructed by experts which displays many of the new bureaucratic powers created by Obamacare.

There’s no wonder the more that folks learn about the health care takeover that Mr. Spratt supported, the less they like it.

Obamacare Chart
Click here to download.

The health care bill will only increase the financial pressures that American businesses are already dealing with in these trying economic times. Companies will be forced to raise their prices on consumers in order to survive due to the rising costs of health and tax premiums. Mr. Spratt chose to vote for this health care bill without taking his constituents concerns into consideration. If you send Mick to Congress on November 2nd, he will work to repeal the health care bill and bring jobs back to the 5th District.


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