Mick Mulvaney Announces Congressional Campaign Leadership Team

County Leadership Committees:

John Major, local businessman
Representative Steve Moss
Joan Wheeler, former County Republican Party Chairman
Brenda Earls, former County Republican Party Chairman

Drew Johnson, County Republican Party Vice chairman
Lorraine Povlick, conservative activist
Sandra Stroman, County Republican Party Chairman

Bobby Jordan, businessman
Robert Johnston, County Republican Party Chairman
Richard Yow, ANG (air national guard) former 5th Republican Congressional District Vice Chairman

Matthew Blewitt, County Republican Party Secretary
Trent Johnson, County Republican Party Vice Chairman

Carl Altman, County Republican Party Chairman
Richard Kopituk, businessman
Tonya Collins, Former County Republican Party Chair

Sean Schaeffner, County Republican Party Chairman
Coy Richardson, Republican Party Executive Committeeman
Kevin Thomas, businessman

Dr. Joe Griffin, County Republican Party Chairman
Representative Kris Crawford

Christopher Oviatt, County Republican Party Chairman
Ashby Rhame, Major USA retired
Shelby Price, County Republican Party Secretary

Winston Smith, County Republican Party Chairman
Andrew Johnson, conservative activist
Former State Senator Greg Gregory
Representative Deborah Long
Al Simpson, Former Chair State Board of Education

Sam Cerezo, Former County Republican Party Chairman
William Dabbs

Belvin Sweatt, County Republican Party Chairman
Theresa Hood, County Republican Party Executive Committeeman

Chad Connelly, County Republican Party Chairman
Lynn Waller, businessman
Senator Ronnie Cromer

Gene Weston, businessman
Gardner Gore, retired businessman
Bob Harvey, Col. USAF retired
Representative Murrell Smith
Suzanne Odom
Gretchen Meyers

Diane Carr, Clover Lake Wylie Republican Woman
Glenda Rawlings- York Co Rep. woman
Joseph Thompson- 5th congressional district patriots
Representative Ralph Norman
Representative Gary Simrill


  1. Gary Shive says:

    When is York county going to get this campaign started? Today’s health care vote, and Spratt’s yes vote is the end of our country as we know it. I am in Tega Cay, how can I help?

  2. Glenn Gulledge says:

    Count me in!!! We must defeat Comrade Spratt…..

  3. Pat Wilkerson says:

    I am a member of the Chesterfield County Republican Party and am here to offer my assistance in anyway. I met Mr. Mulvaney in Cheraw SC the day he announced he was in the running against John Spratt. I am very thankful we have a man like him to run against Spratt. Now more than ever we have to work to get him elected. I will be in touch with our party chairman to offer my help in Chesterfield County. Come to Cheraw on March 27, 2010 and check out our party booth at the Cheraw Spring Festival..hope to see Mr. Mulvaney there……

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