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Cut Red Tape, Grow the Economy


The Federal Government is holding back our economy with unnecessary regulations. We need to unshackle our economy and peel back job-killing regulations from agencies like the EPA.

Sign the petition and stand with me and sign the petition to reject job-killing regulations!

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Demand the Truth on Benghazi


The White House misled America and they must be held accountable. I have supported a select committee on Benghazi and now is the time to get answers.

There are too many questions left unanswered… Where was Obama the night of the attack? Why were security concerns at the consulate ignored? Why wasn’t any help sent to the Americans who were lost that night? And why was Susan Rice told by White House aides to falsely blame the incident on a web video?

Stand with me, sign the petition, and demand answers.

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The American Conservative Union

The American Conservative Union (ACU) Political Action Committee (PAC) today announced its endorsement of South Carolina’s leading conservatives; Senator Tim Scott, Congressman Jeff Duncan (SC-03), Congressman Trey Gowdy (SC-04), Congressman Mick Mulvaney (SC-05) and Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-02).

“ACU PAC is pleased to recognize one of the most conservative congressional delegations in the country.  Senator Scott, with an ACU lifetime rating of 97, has wasted no time in bringing his plans to return the U.S. to economic prosperity through free enterprise to the Senate and is someone conservatives across the country can turn to for leadership.  Congressmen Duncan, Gowdy and Mulvaney were three of only 16 members of the House to receive the Defender of Liberty Award for 2013 in recognition of their perfect 100 in the ACU Ratings and their outstanding commitment to conservative principles on a wide variety of issues. And as a senior member of the Armed Services Committee, Joe Wilson has fought the attempts by the Obama Administration to gut our armed forces in favor of wasteful domestic programs. Conservatives in South Carolina should enthusiastically support these four leading conservatives in the Republican Primary June 10 and again in November,” said ACU Director of Government Relations Larry Hart.

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Cut, Cap, and Balance


Deficit spending must end: Government cannot continue spending what it doesn’t have. It’s clear that we have a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

Our nation’s debt has skyrocketed out of control and it’s time to get serious about it. Please stand with me and Melaleuca News to help our voices be heard by signing the petition to pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.

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Mick Mulvaney Speaks at Red State Gathering

Video streaming by Ustream

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